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中国とインドをむすぶ学術文化交流プロジェクト、西天中土 West Heavens Projectより、芸術交流に関する記録集が出ました。「時・地・戯ー印中當代藝術」英語と中国語です。


新书出版《時  ‧地‧  戲:印中當代藝術》

Place, Time, Play: Contemporary Art
from the West Heavens to the Middle Kingdom

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Editors: Chang Tsong-Zung, Chaitanya Sambrani, Chen Yun
Hardcover: 290 pages, Publisher: Hanart T Z Gallery (March, 2012)
ISBN: 978-988-18376-9-1


這本畫冊対這次策劃與實踐進行了富於吸引力的追溯:從這年三月中國藝術家和策展人同印度藝術界和思想界的第一次對話,到四月間印度藝術家在中國的觀察、討論和日記,以及在數月的創作過程中藝術家的思想推敲和物質實現等,均以對話和論述的方式做了十幾萬字的精心編輯和記錄。此外,本書的作品現場照片由旅居上海的德國攝影師Thomas Fuesser和中國攝影師毛星宇拍攝,作品在非常規的社會空間(一處是前英殖民地的教堂和宿舍,另一處是人民廣場某商業地產的大堂)中所展開的氣場和質感被充分表達和再現在書頁間。印度策展人蔡坦尼亞‧桑布拉尼和項目總監張頌仁先生的撰文,將本次以當代藝術為出發點和載體、矛頭直至印中兩國現代性之不同路徑的展覽經驗再次進行了反思性地梳理。

The book Place, Time, Play: Contemporary Art from the West Heavens to the Middle Kingdom documents and reflects on the first curatorial project of West Heavens. Shown in Shanghai between October and December 2010, the exhibition marks the first direct exchange between Indian and Chinese artists in modern time. For Chinese artists and intellectuals, the modern Indian experience has prompted radical reflection of the Chinese condition. The rethinking of “modernity” underlines the curatorial concept, and artist have been encouraged to create works especially for this exchange. West Heavens intends to also open up new methodologies in bringing Asian art circles into direct contact with each other, bypassing mediating platforms and ideologies customarily established in the West.

The book provides a lively catalogue of the curatorial process: from the first conversation between Chinese and Indian artists and curators in New Delhi in March 2010, to the observations and discussions  of Indian artists during their subsequent return visits to China, as well as the development of creative concepts and their realisation in the months following. The essays, interviews and documentation amount to over 100,000 words. The ambience of the exhibition and its unconventional display spaces (a former colonial British Consulate’s chapel and dormitory, and the street level lobby of a commercial building across from the Shanghai Biennale 2010) have been captured for the book by Shanghai-based German photographer Thomas Fuesser and Chinese photographer Mao Xingyu. The principle essays are by exhibition curator Chaitanya Sambrani and West Heavens project director Chang Tsong-zung. Their reflections on the curatorial experience bring alive pertinent issues facing Asian modernity today.

This publication is an indispensable compendium for everyone interested in contemporary art from India,  and the reality of creating and exhibiting art in China.

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This catalog is now available in FICA and YODAKIN in Delhi.
「西天中土」是一個綜合性的文化交流計劃,由中國美術學院展示文化研究中心和漢雅軒發起,夢周文教基金會資助研究,從學術思想和當代藝術兩個角度去親近印度,進行視覺文化和亞洲現代性的文化比較。 已經和正在舉行的活動包括「從西天到中土:印中社會思想對話」(2010)、「時‧地‧戲:印中當代藝術展」(2010)、「你不屬於:印度電影的過去與未來暨印中電影與社會思想對話」(2011),SAME-SAME孟買-上海城市研究(2011開始),“藝術家特派”(2011開始),以及一系列十幾種相關書籍的出版等。活動的形式、領域和縱深正在持續地拓展和延伸過程中。詳情請訪問:http://westheavens.net

West Heavens is an initiative for cultural exchange developed jointly by the Institute of Visual Culture (of China Academy of Art) and Hanart TZ Gallery,and supported by the Moonchu Foundation. The aim is to foster closer understanding of India through contemporary art and scholarship, and develop cross-cultural dialogue based on visual culture and notions of Asian modernity. Past and ongoing programs include West Heavens: India-China Summit on Social Thought (2010), Place, Time, Play: India-China Contemporary Art Exhibition (2010), You Don’t Belong: Pasts and Futures of Indian Cinema & India-China Dialogue on Film and Social Thought (2011), SAME-SAME: A Mumbai – Shanghai Research on Urbanity (2011 – ), Artist Dispatch (2011-), and series of related publications. The forms and extensions of West Heavens programs are constantly expanding.
For more details: http://westheavens.net

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MALUMBAY SI INA by Pablo Baens Santos

今年、2012年は、1972年の沖縄の「復帰」「施政権返還」から40年めにあたります。その同じ1972年、フィリピンはマルコス政権下での戒厳令体制が始まりました。同年9月21日、マルコス大統領は「布告第1081号」を発布し、フィリピン全土に戒厳令をしきました。この戒厳令の下、憲法が改定され、独裁体制への途が開かれることになります。 戒厳令から40年。70年代から80年代の民主化(EDZA革命)にいたる時期のフィリピン現代美術の回顧展が、先月よりマニラのフィリピン文化センターで開催されています。ReCollection 1081と名付けられた展覧会では、パブロ・サントス、レナート・ハブラン、「闘う神父」として知られたエディシオ・デ・ラ・トーレらをはじめ、独裁政権の圧政にあえぐフィリピン社会と人びとの姿を描いた作品が集められています。9月30日まで。